Green Family Pets How is our Salon Different?

How is our Salon Different?

We pride ourselves on “coat preservation,” meaning we take our time and make sure that dogs who are semi-matted can keep their coats. When an animal is shaved, both the animal and its owner look at it differently. People, may be ashamed they let the coat get matted, feel like the dog looks “stupid,” or miss the fluffiness. When owners are ashamed, they treat the animal differently, which in turn hurts the animal’s sense of self-worth. We will preserve your dog’s coat to the best of our abilities! Sometimes a dog needs a fresh start, meaning we have to take a majority of the fur off because it is so matted. We do this with the utmost care. and communication with the pet parent

We ARE NOT FAST! Please keep in mind that dogs who are matted, need a good deshed, have anxiety, or have long or curly coats may take longer. than an hour or two. Doodles have a lot of hair (that’s why we love them—so fluffy!) and may take several hours to complete. We have plenty of safe spaces for dogs to hang out while waiting to be picked up.

We also attend to all medical situations as they arise. We are often the first to notice a new lump or bump, a skin infection, an ear infection, tooth decay, a toenail issue, cuts and scrapes, poopy butts, fleas, ticks, or other parasites, or painful joints and muscles. These types of things cannot be planned for, and we will never send a dog home with an ailment we can help prevent or treat. We aren’t vets, but we can save some owners thousands in veterinary bills.

We are happy to accommodate ALL types of animals, – elderly dogs who can’t jump, handicapped dogs with limited eyesight or hearing, or any animal with special needs. Please let us know if your dog requires special handling. We pride ourselves on hand-drying dogs, not sticking them in a metal cage with a loud dryer and leaving them alone to work on other dogs, which can be terrifying to an animal. We also work with dogs who are terrified of groomers by giving them the love, patience, and spa day they deserve!

To request a boarding reservation or a grooming appointment, to check prices, or to look for availability, CLICK HERE.

Boarding reservations are available for existing clients, or for new clients who undergo a meet and greet at our salon!

If you are having trouble booking online, shoot us a call or text, and we will get you booked! 330-333-2691.

Please give us notice of any changes or missing services so that we can continue to serve you and your pets!

Alexandra Byers


Client Testimonial:

“Amazing experience! I have a puppy who is fearful of grooming and having his nails done. Amy was fantastic! She was kind caring did an amazing job and was very professional. She was extremely patient and gentle with my pup who left there looking better than ever and most importantly he was very happy! I highly recommend Amy (and Sophie) for all of your pet grooming and boarding needs. You will find her business clean and very well-managed. If I could give her a hundred positive stars I would. Thank you Amy!”
— Kelly Cvammen

Amy Berkhouse

General Manager/Owner